Tony Danza Tap Dance Experience – Danza 2: Electric Boogaloo


tdte-d21While most people have told me the post-hardcore scene is just a bunch of noise. I would sometimes like to agree with them, especially after hearing a majority of “grindcore” bands out there. But well calculated noise is something I love. Heavy hitters like Coalesce and The Dillinger Escape Plan have always been favorites.

Another thing about some of these bands is the sheer fun they have. Go to a Daughters or Locust show– it’s pretty damn entertaining. Though I haven’t seen them, I believe The Tony Tap Dance Extravaganza wouldn’t be a snorefest. Look at their name, they know who the boss is!

The band’s first self-titled album was something new and fresh to what was becoming the extreme left or outrageous post-scene. With an album title that may be in violation to the amazing sequel to a great 80’s movie, Danza II: Electric Boogaloo is packed full of fun in the form of brain twisting guitar licks and beats.

Something like a story, “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” is a sampling narrative, found throughout the album (I would think done by the band themselves and not taken from somewhere), that starts with what is known to the listener as a “troublemaker” making his way to the bar for the evening. “You Gonna Buy the Beers or the Whole Damn Bar” is a solid opener twisting its way so far from the beginning before it hits the end, that it sounds like an A.D.D. band getting bored with interlocking 20 second phrases. “I Don’t Mean to Impose But I Am the Ocean” throws in a nice “Who else seen the Leprechaun! Say yeah!” sample. “Go Greyhound” has more string bends than f-bombs in Scareface.

“Mad Max Beyond Superdome” is straight up freewheelin’ grinding while “Nobody Eats BBQ Two Days in a Row” turns up the low gain and pummels the ear for the first few minutes. The closing narrative has a nice surprise. “The Louisiana Dive Bar Massacre” (home state mention points!) leaves the listener with a closing blues jam, coherent in feeling throughout the record, but not at the forefront by a long shot.

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza is fresh face in the vein of bands like Daughters and Genghis Tron who are continuing to create some kind of order ad-mist chaos. Danza II: Electric Boogaloo isn’t going to be for everyone, but even those breakdowns on wax and breakbeat dancing wasn’t either.


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